Cook & Marshall

Cook & Marshall law firm aims to provide comprehensive and professional legal advisory services. We provide legal services for enterprises, both operating as commercial law companies and partnerships and sole traders, as well as foreign companies, public sector entities, companies of the State Treasury, local government units, associations and foundations.

Areas of Practice

The firm specializes in providing legal services related first and foremost to energy law, mass debt recovery proceedings and public procurement law. Our expertise in those areas stems from the legal counsels’ professional experience gained while holding responsible posts in energy companies and public institutions.

Cook & Marshall also offers professional services in the following areas of law: commercial law, civil and business law, real estate trading and construction law, labor law, intellectual property and new technologies law, procedural law. The scope of our firm’s practice also includes handling development processes, from the preparation of the investment project until the end of the complaints stage. Below you will find a detailed range of services in the above mentioned areas.

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